DELAY   Music by Matt Hahn, Battery by Tom Gasparrini


Music by Matt Hahn, Battery by Tom Gasparrini



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Level: A Class Percussion

Delay is considered to be a standard audio plugin, but can also be a complex series of echos and repeats that creates a brand new texture. This show explores many different ways to delay basic ideas within a production. Subtle delay moments within larger delay ideas make for a show filled with fresh conceptual ideas.

Originally commissioned by Bellbrook HS 2015 (WGI PSA 5th Place). Some additional licenses are required.


Front Ensemble: Glock, Vibes (2-4), Xylo, Marimbas (2-4), Synth* (2), Bass, Drum Set, Aux. Percussion (2-3). *MainStage file and/or samples included.

Battery: Snares, Tenors, Basses, Cymbals

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