RELEASE   Music by Matt Hahn, Battery by Jared Thomas


Music by Matt Hahn, Battery by Jared Thomas



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Level: A Class Percussion

To release is to let go. It could mean of something or someone, but the idea is simple: you give up your control. This production explores different levels of the concept of releasing by physical and emotional means tied together. With beautiful musical choices and an engaging color palate, this production can set your group apart from the rest.

Originally commissioned by Lebanon HS 2012 (WGI PSA Champion). Original visual design by Noah Bellamy. Some additional licenses are required.


Front Ensemble: Glock, Vibes (2-3), Xylo, Marimbas (2-3), Synth* (2), Bass, Drum Set, Aux. Percussion (2-3). *MainStage file and/or samples included.

Battery: Snares, Tenors, Basses, Cymbals

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